Putnam Investments Launches “Always Active” — a Broad-based Campaign Emphasizing That Investing Should Always Be An Active Endeavor

BOSTON, December 12, 2018Putnam Investments has officially launched a new campaign designed to showcase the firm’s strong active management capabilities and build awareness among financial advisors and investors about the importance of including an active approach — seeking to outperform benchmarks and looking for opportunities in changing markets — when building a diversified investment portfolio.

The campaign, “Always Active,” which will run through 2019, reinforces the company’s commitment to providing the marketplace with an array of differentiated active management strategies with solid, risk-adjusted net-of-fee performance.

At the end of November 2018, Putnam had 22 active mutual funds with an overall rating of four or five stars by Morningstar, a respected industry observer. Moreover, in March 2018, Barron’s ranked Putnam one of the top ten mutual fund families across multiple time periods for the past decade, based on strong investment performance across asset classes. Specifically, the firm ranked 7th (out of 58) for one year, 7th (out of 53) for five years, and 9th (out of 49) for ten years.

“The value of active management is in its ability to look beyond benchmarks and capitalize on undiscovered investment opportunities in rapidly changing markets,” said Robert L. Reynolds, President and CEO, Putnam Investments. “By providing alpha generation, mitigating risk, and dampening volatility, active management stands as a critically important component of a well-structured, diversified investment portfolio. This is a message that we aim to keep front and center with the marketplace.”

Reynolds indicated that the new initiative will build on Putnam’s deep legacy in active management and fundamental research — across all asset classes, including equity, fixed income, and global asset allocation — and will also emphasize key capabilities like sustainable investing and multi-sector strategies.

“As a firm that has always believed in actively managing its business, as well as its investment philosophy, we are taking an ‘active’ approach to this new campaign by leveraging digital display ads and native content advertising, social media, email, blogs, video, webcasts, traditional, and more,” said Mark McKenna, Head of Global Marketing, Putnam Investments.

“The ‘Always Active’ campaign demonstrates how Putnam conducts business and highlights the fact that Putnam is always active — in its management, partnership, and technology,” McKenna added.

Putnam has been providing actively managed investment strategies for more than eight decades. The firm’s seasoned team of professionals work across asset classes and disciplines, managing a broad spectrum of investment mandates, as it seeks strong, long-term net-of-fee performance.

About Putnam Investments

Founded in 1937, Putnam Investments is a global money management firm with over 80 years of investment experience. At the end of October 2018, Putnam had $169 billion in assets under management. Putnam has offices in Boston, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney. For more information, visit putnam.com.

Putnam mutual funds are distributed by Putnam Retail Management.