Many investors stay the course for 2021

Most investors chose to stay the course with their portfolios in 2021, a recent study found. The majority (81%) of respondents said they were satisfied with how they managed their investments this year, compared with 71% in last year’s survey. In addition, 43% said the top lesson learned this year is that it’s better to stay the course when investing. At year-end, 43% of investors said they plan to check in with a financial advisor and 41% said they will use online tools to review their portfolios.

A retirement plan is a valued benefit, survey finds

Having access to a 401(k) plan and a company matching program are the most important financial wellness benefits to employees, a new survey found. The study also found that 74% of workers are willing to change jobs for another company that offered better financial benefits. Those willing to leave their jobs cited a 401 (k) plan and company match as the most enticing benefits.

Many turn to social media for financial advice

More than one third (39%) of adults under age 65 receive financial advice online or through social media, according to a recent survey. At the same time, 34% of Millennials and Gen Zers said a lack of financial guidance is an obstacle to preparing for retirement. In addition, 38% of Millennials and 30% of Gen Z respondents said they feel unprepared. About one quarter of Gen Zers receive advice from social media. YouTube is the most popular channel among 63% of Gen Z and 71% of Millennials.

Putnam Investments Recognized for Service Excellence by DALBAR

BOSTON, December 15, 2021Putnam Investments announced today that DALBAR, a leading independent market research and consulting firm for the financial services industry, has named Putnam the winner of two of its premier awards: Mutual Fund Service Award and Total Client Experience Award. These honors recognize the company’s commitment to providing superior service and outstanding support to clients.

Discussing the service awards received by the firm, Michael J. Woodall, Chief of Operations, said, “We are really pleased that DALBAR has honored Putnam for its relentless dedication to achieving the highest standards of quality service.

“Our firm is extremely proud of the industry-leading work done by our extraordinary service team that has now been recognized by DALBAR for 32 consecutive years. We are excited to continue delivering at a world-class level for our clients in the years to come,” Woodall explained.

The two DALBAR Awards won by Putnam are:

  • Mutual Fund Service Award, for the highest levels of call center service to fund shareholders. The award is based on rigorous, objective and independent audits of call center interactions with shareholders to ensure an exceptional quality of service. Putnam has received this honor for 32 consecutive years.
  • Total Client Experience Award, which is based on DALBAR’s measurement of the complete experience of the customer. DALBAR evaluates the level of professionalism demonstrated by a financial services firm’s personnel, including the accurate execution and processing of transactions and requests while ensuring thorough security protocols. Putnam has been the sole recipient of this award since it was launched in 2011.

In commenting on the awards, Karen L. Walsh, Head of Investor Services, noted, “Putnam’s service model is multidimensional, with our firm making a concerted effort to focus on quality, accuracy and the complete customer experience. We continue to evolve and enhance our approach through extensive training of our associates, ongoing monitoring and continuous feedback, and broad use of contemporary technology.”


DALBAR, Inc. is the financial community’s leading independent expert for evaluating, auditing and rating business practices, customer performance, product quality and service. Launched in 1976, DALBAR has earned recognition for consistent and unbiased evaluations. DALBAR awards are recognized as marks of a superior standard of care in the financial community.

About Putnam Investments

Founded in 1937, Putnam Investments is a global money management firm with over 80 years of investment experience. At the end of November 2021, Putnam had nearly $200 billion in assets under management. Putnam has offices in Boston, London, Munich, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney. For more information, visit