Putnam Investments ranked #1 for digital engagement with financial advisors

BOSTON, October 31, 2016Putnam Investments has been ranked the #1 digital engagement leader for financial advisors, brokers and other intermediaries by DST kasina, LLC, a provider of data-driven insights and distribution solutions to financial companies around the world. Putnam was recognized for industry-leading engagement across a host of influential digital channels, involving high-profile use of its “socially active” CEO Robert L. Reynolds, effective web integration of the firm’s award-winning fund comparison tool FundVisualizer, and Putnam’s unique performance data visualization.

Putnam’s selection is part of DST kasina’s first ever industry study of “Digital Engagement Leaders 2016,” a report series looking at a broad range of digital interactions that asset managers have with advisors — and evaluates how effectively they provide: personalized, relevant information; an invitation to interact; what’s unique about the firm and its products; ease of doing business; and consistent, high-quality user experiences across devices.

“The digital revolution that began two decades ago is continuing to transform how financial services firms interact with their clients, partners and other stakeholders,” said DST kasina President Steven Miyao. “Putnam has been a leader in engaging the advisor community through full use of its digital ecosystem and thinking more broadly about the significance of omni-channel communications to best serve the marketplace.”

The DST kasina ranking is the latest recognition of Putnam’s commitment to supporting its advisor partners. Earlier this year, the Mutual Fund Industry Awards presented Putnam with its first-ever Social Media Leader of the Year Award. In 2015, Putnam was ranked first in DST kasina’s evaluation of the industry’s leading advisor websites.

In discussing the DST kasina study, Mark McKenna, Putnam Head of Global Marketing said, “Utilizing the full breadth of digital capabilities — threading all components together in a complementary manner — is becoming a marketplace imperative in our industry. Putnam recognizes that websites, blogs, emails and social media — working in harmony — can create a powerful formula for highly effective two-way communications with advisors to help address their array of needs.”

About the Study
The DST kasina study is based on proprietary methodology to evaluate asset managers’ efforts to engage advisors on and across the most influential digital channels–the advisor website, email, LinkedIn, Twitter and blog–as well as both desktop and mobile devices. The study evaluated 31 small-, mid- and large-cap firms ranging from $92M to $2.6T during July-August 2016 and examined which firms provided industry–leading digital engagement, including: personalized content and product recommendations; use of social platforms to build relationships with advisors; best practices for email engagement; leveraging digital channels and devices to differentiate their brand; and providing an overall “easy to do business” experience for advisors.

About DST kasina
DST kasina, LLC, helps leading companies in the financial services industry manage data, gain insight, and ignite change in their business. Through effective use of advanced analytics, research, and distribution intelligence technologies, DST kasina enables business to better understand, predict, and optimize key business factors impacting their asset growth and profitability. For more information on how to leverage DST kasina’s strategic advisory services, visit www.kasina.com.